8 Dec

pieces of orange flavored chocolate from my boss

hot coffee on rainy days to go with that aforementioned chocolate

boyfriends (especially mine!)

an incredibly huge to-do list filled with fun holiday tasks! like buying presents, wrapping them! (my favorite part — I hoard all the presents until I can have a long, lavish wrapping session), buying a tacky Christmas sweater for a party at work, traveling to the mountains with my handsome beau this weekend, making christmas themed mix cds for my mom…..

a cozy apartment filled with our things

the courage to try making TWO new recipes this week (one from my mom; thanks mom!)

funfetti cupcakes on wednesday

A coaching his first game solo of the season yesterday, and winning!

working on my grad school application and re-realizing how much I love the writing process (although, in the middle of it, I hate it) 😉

I already mentioned this, but its worth mentioning again: my upcoming trip to the mountains this weekend with A!

grey, rainy days

wine from Trader Joe’s

How I Met Your Mother‘s sudden appearance on Netflix Instant Queue

getting to decorate our tree with handmade ornaments; learning how to do a blanket stitch and going crazy with excitement. (this goes out to you, two chickadee felt ornaments I finally finished)

these are just a few things I’m grateful for this week.

How ’bout you?

{by catia chien}

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