graditude {this weekend}

12 Dec

A. and I journeyed to this mountains this past weekend, and it was: crazy, fun, cozy, teary, happy.

My dad and his new wife started a new tradition last year: in December, they rent a cabin in the mountains, by Lake Eden. And everyone from Dad’s side of the family travels down for one busy, glorious weekend. “Everyone” means: Dad’s five brothers and sisters, with their kids and significant others, and Grandma and Grandpa.

{And, while the weekend was definitely good, I will admit that, halfway through, in a house full of zooming-hyper kids running around and yelling, I did feel a bit like crying and running off the porch into the landscape of ponds and blue mountains below.}

Anyway, quickly, before some of the memories start disappearing, here’s a list of memories I’m grateful for:

Seeing A. play with my little cousins. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this. Watching my cousins pile on top of him while he sits on the couch, watching him smile when Caleb jumps on top of him and smiles and yells: “make me into a pizza!”

How A. could tell when I’d had enough of the running and craziness, and reached out to intercept kids from running into me.

Hugging my grandmother.

Hearing Caleb and my uncle talking the morning we all left.

Uncle: “Caleb, what are you looking forward to most about your seven hour drive home trapped in the car with your two sisters?”

Caleb: smiling that little blonde-haired-blue-eyed-little-boy-smile “the friendship!”

Going to see the gingerbread houses in Asheville, and watching my cousins’ faces light up. Specifically (I’m sorry, Caleb, that all these memories seem to be about you): Caleb loved all of the houses. At each one, he exclaimed: “Look at this one!”

Hanging out with my brother.

Seeing my growing-up family.

Going horseback riding. Even though I fell off one time. Being able to say, now, that I’ve literally gotten back on the horse.

Learning that my Uncle Eric once lived in a geodesic dome!

Watching my Grandpa pet a donkey. He held the donkey’s head gently, and whispered in his ear, “Do you remember how one of your ancestors carried Jesus?” 🙂

That time that one of the reindeer antlers fell off Uncle’s van. And A. valiantly hopped out of the van and ran down the side of the interstate to retrieve it.  A true hero!

Uncle Eric and Aunt Beth’s brownies!

Watching my little cousins pose for pictures.

Making it back home, even though A.’s car didn’t seem to want to cooperate.



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