I want to be fierce and beautiful.

9 Jan

I want to be fierce and beautiful; I want to be kind and understanding; I want to carry the spark of something new. I want to be impressive and happy and full. I want to be graceful. I like exploring and feeling wild. I like impromptu outings, I like the rain, I like synecdoches. I am prone to nostalgia. I miss things a lot, sometimes, like working in the theater, and living in the mountains, and being little, and being a student.

Here are some more things about me:

I made this this weekend, on my first time ever using my new sewing machine!

This is what I look like beside the Eno River:

This is what my personality looks like, in letters:


I’ve read some really cool articles about INFJ’s today, here are some good links:




Closely aligning with INFJ personality type means that I live focused internally, where I take things primarily based on intuition. I am creative, “and live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities” (i think that one!) I rather like finding out I’m an INFJ. I’m not doing a great job summing this all up, so I highly recommend the links πŸ™‚

One of the links posted a list of careers INFJ’s are particularly attracted to. They include:


Home making




the Arts

Now all that’s left is the choosing….. πŸ™‚

One quote attributed to Buddha that I’d like to share:

“Your life’s work is to discover your life’s work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it”

And now, some Monday gratitude.

Today, I’m thankful for:

rainy weather outside and warm coffee inside, with me

A (you know, my dream boat guy)

silly tv shows to watch on Netflix

best friends to talk to unexpectedly in the middle of the day!

A trip to the park Sat morning with A πŸ™‚

a warm cozy home waiting for me after work

a new kind of deodorant to try (it smells like pomegranate; friends, this is going to be good!)

being interested in tons of things

a flowy cardigan to wear to work today

knowing I get to see my mom and brother this weekend! eating late birthday cake with my brother. and, also, maybe visiting my grandparents!

going hiking in a new place all on my own yesterday; the little boy who showed me where a heron was hiding in the water

until next time, friends πŸ™‚

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