May 10, 2012

18 May

It happened!

Thursday, May 10, 2012, A and I got engaged. TO BE MARRIED!
Under a huge oak tree, in the middle of a meadow, hidden by flowers, we promised to get married one day soon.
To be husband and wife! To be together for always! To be a team, a forever us, the beginning of a small, forever family.

All week beforehand, A had been hinting that something was coming on Thursday.
“I don’t have basketball on Thursday, so I was thinking, maybe we could go for a walk through campus? And maybe grab something to eat on Franklin after?” he had asked, grinning mischievously the entire time.
Throughout the week, he dropped little hints, riddled with winks and smiles.
“I hope it doesn’t rain on Thursday, for our walk…..” *grin* *wink*
“Ready for our walk on Thursday?”

Wednesday night, as we were snuggling up to sleep, he said “Today’s been a good day…tomorrow’s going to be a great day…..”

I had my hopes so high up that they were dancing with the clouds.
Thursday at work was the longest day of my life.

We met at home Thursday afternoon.
A disappeared into the bedroom for a moment before we left; I waited on the couch, trying to listen for the small *pop* of a ring box to signal me that my suspicions about the night were correct.
(I didn’t hear one, because he is sneaky!)

We left the apartment (me, desperately trying to see if there was a ring-box-shape hiding on him anywhere) (there wasn’t. — again — sneaky!) and drove to campus.

We walked through campus, past the student union, past the libraries, past the building where we had our first class together (!). We passed Hamilton Hall, and a chipmunk scurried past us, into the bushes. (A good luck omen that my matron of honor, Becky, would understand).
We walked past the dorm A lived in for two years, and then, hand-in-hand, veered into the arboretum.

(But it was the week before graduation weekend, and the arboretum was brimming with graduation-robe-clad seniors taking pictures!)

Still, we found this small, empty corner of the arboretum, surrounded by bushes and flowers, perfectly sunny.
I turned around to look at the flowers and, when I turned back, A grabbed my hands, and dropped to one knee.
(He had been hiding the ring, box-less, in his pocket the whole time!)
He asked, I said YES!, and then I dropped to the ground with him, hugging him and kissing him and shaking with…excitement, disbelief, happiness, joy!
I couldn’t walk for a little while afterwards, so I made him sit down on the kindof-wet grass with me.
Those moments were completely absolutely pure joy. (Actually, it’s been pure joy ever since…)

I am SO excited to be engaged to this man. He is so wonderful, wise, understanding, funny, all around awesome. Being engaged to him feels so right. I know he’s the person I’m supposed to be with forever, without a doubt. Getting to wear the ring, for me, is so wonderful because it is this literal, tangible, (beautiful!) expression I get to carry around with me of the promise we’ve made to each other.

When A was finally able to peel me up from the damp ground, we ventured over to a bench.

So many little magical moments happened that day, and I want to record them all:

Like how, we were sitting on the bench, and we saw a robin pull an entire worm out of the ground! And then the robin trotted over to where his wife-robin was hanging out under some flower petals, and she opened her mouth, and he gave her the worm. And how A asked, “Is that what marriage will be like?” And how I said, yes, definitely.

How a little boy with a puppy ran up to us! And how the little boy looked at A and yelled back to his dad, “I think I found a lawyer…maybe a banker?, maybe a millionaire!!”

How later, walking to Franklin Street, we saw a super tiny squirrel carrying around a Coke can, and how, from far away, it looked like the can was bobbing and dancing around by itself.

About how A asked about getting married that weekend, that Sunday, but I told him I might need a longer engagement than that. And how he replied, “ok, Monday then.”

How everything with A is wonderful and magical; about how we are beautiful and joyful and new.

We’re starting to talk about the specifics of the actual wedding day; we’ve come up with some promising wedding-day themes:
Maybe we’ll have the wedding on St. Patrick’s day? The bridesmaids will wear green, the groomsmen will wear orange, our guests can choose green or orange, and then they all battle afterwards?
Maybe we’ll have a deck-of-cards themed wedding? The married men will be called kings, and the bachelors jacks, and all the little kids can wear cards with their ages as their numbers.
Maybe we’ll have a wedding-themed wedding? All the girls will wear white dresses, just so our officiant can ask “Will the real bride today please stand up, please stand up!”


Whatever kind of wedding we have, I can tell you what kind of marriage we will have:

Wonderful. A smashing success. Exploding with love. Sunshine-y. Forever.

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